Saturday, June 22, 2013

NCLP Schools Fans donation Apr 2013

Helping Minds donated 23 Fans, out of them 7 went for Coimbatore National Child Labor Project (NCLP) schools and 16 for Tirupur NCLP schools. — inTirupur, Tamil Nadu.

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First graduate in the family from Chatrapatti

First graduate in the family from a rural area: HM got a request for help from a girl from Chatrapatti near Rajapalayam. She has got 1014/1200 in 12th std, she had got 90% in 10th std. She got selected in regular seat BA-English , Thiyagaraja college of arts, Madurai. The college fees is Rs 1500 only. It is one of the best colleges in Madurai. As this college is away from her home, she will have to stay in hostel which will come around Rs. 10000 per semester for room rent + another 2000 for mess bill. Her family is also supporting his brother's education who is in polytechnic. HM has decided to support her with Rs. 7000 for her hostel fees. 

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College education guidance

The 12th standard results are declared and the Engineering college counselling has started yesterday. Here are few useful links to help in choosing the college.
Engineering Counselling 101
Which college to choose for my cut-off marks?
Engineering vs Medical vs Other options

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Continued support for PACR diploma student

HM had helped a girl doing Textile tech diploma in PACR Polytechnic College, Rajapalayam, for her third year college fees of Rs. 9630 last week. She has scored 79.5% in the second year.  
More details about her is here.

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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Rajapalayam diploma student doing Textile Tech in PACR

Helping Minds received a request for help from a girl who is supported only by her grandfather. Her parents are no more. She has got a seat in Textile Technology in PAC Ramasamy Raja polytechnic in Rajapalayam. HM trust has decided to help her and gave Rs. 9152 towards her college fees. Thanks to our member Subramani for referring this request.

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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Thanks Letter from NCLP

Helping Minds donated 23 Fans, out of them 7 went for Coimbatore National Child Labor Project (NCLP) schools and 16 for Tirupur NCLP schools.

Thanks letter from the project co-ordinator of National Child Labour Project (NCLP) to Helping Minds Trust for the support provided for 23 fans to NCLP schools in Coimbatore and Tirupur.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Amazing story of a Nagore nursing student

We got a request for help from a student who is studying B.Sc Nursing at Madras Medical College. Our member Venkatramani Balasubramanian referred this student. He is from Nagore (Nagapattinam dt) and secured 488/500 in SSLC. His father, a fisherman, is a drunkard and is not with the family now. His mother is mentally challenged and is in an asylum. He has a younger brother studying +2 now. Bala's father published a special story about him in Indian Express after the SSLC exam as he emerged the district topper amid all difficulties in life. That article fetched him support from the District Collector for his HSC expenses.

This boy faced some health problems right after the +2 practical exam and was hospitalized. So, he could not attend the public exam. He later appeared for supplementary exam. He secured around 1050 and got admission for BDS, but chose B.SC Nursing as job opportunities are very bright. He is in the first year now.

His uncle, a school teacher was paying his fees and mess bill. Since his uncle's daughter has also joined Engineering, he is not in a position to support him now. He is an amazing boy and we decided to help him for his mess bills. HM trust sent DD for Rs. 10000 towards his 4 months mess bill on March 28th.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sports materials for Mayanoor Government primary school

Helping Minds Trust has helped the Mayanoor Government primary school over the years in many ways - including getting a water tank, uniforms for the students, bio gas model project. Now we have provided support for getting sports materials.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Inspiring story of a Ramanathapuram girl

Here is an inspiring story of a girl who has fought against all odds in her life: The girl student belongs to Ramanathapuram and hails from a family of town cleaning workers. Her father fell ill due to stomach problems and is bedridden now. Her mother is collecting plastic articles from garbage and selling them. The student has two younger brothers who have stopped studying and are collecting garbage now.
She secured 977/1200 in HSC - Tamil 180, English 134, History 175, Economics 166, Commerce 141 and Accountancy 181 and got admission to D.TEd in District Institute of Education and Training, Vadalur in Cuddalore district.
Her mother had planned to send her to Tirupur for a job in a factory as they could not afford college fee. However, her friend, who also belongs to the same community and is doing social work through Safai Garamchari Andolan (eradicating manual scavenging) sought the help of another social worker Murugesh, who helped in paying the initial fees and hostel fees so far from Aug 2011 to Sep 2012.
Now he is not in a position to help further and she has been sent out the hostel. Our Helping Minds member Bala brought this request to Helping Minds. HM trust has provided Rs. 13215 towards her hostel fees and exam fees and she has joined the hostel again and continuing her studies.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Daughter of a watchman in Namakkal gets BE CSE seat

HM trust got a request for help from a girl, who hails from Velur, Namakkal Dt. She has scored 463/500 ( 92.6%) in 10th std. She had studied in Govt school.
Then a nearby private school gave her education with ZERO tuition fee. She had scored 1128/1200 (94%) in Plus two. Her marks are : 
Physics-194,Chemistry-194,Maths-191,Biology-188,English-175,Tamil-186. She has got BE Computer science in Madurai Thiyagaraja (Govt) engineering college.
She has one brother who is studying 10th std now. Her family income: 8000 Rs (father -watch man Rs.5000 and mother 3000 Rs) 
They are staying in a rental house. They do not have own land and own house.
HM trust has provided Rs. 10000 towards her hostel fees.

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Monday, January 07, 2013

Scholarships for the year 2012

0116-Apr-2012Mess fees for Parthasarathy2000
0216-Apr-2012Mess fees for Kanraj2600
0327-Apr-2012Mess fees for Naveen6576
0413-Jun-2012College fees for Radhika20000
0521-Jun-2012Mess fees for Parthasarathy1985
0621-Jun-2012Mess fees for Kanraj1300
0729-Jun-2012Hostel fees for Vaishnavi13132
0829-Jun-2012Mess fees for Naveen5639
0927-Jul-2012Mess fees for Sindhu10000
1010-Aug-2012Mess fees for Naveen3238
1113-Aug-2012College fees for Prasanna10000
1224-Aug-2012Mess fees for Parthasarathy2688
1324-Aug-2012Mess fees for Kanraj2550
1413-Sep-2012Mess fees for Naveen6427
151-Nov-2012Mess fees for Naveen3124
161-Nov-2012Mess fees for Parthasarathy2780
171-Nov-2012Mess fees for Kanraj2434
1827-Nov-2012College fees for Kuppammal6000
1917-Dec-2012Mess fees for Parthasarathy6000
2017-Dec-2012Mess fees for Kanraj6000
2119-Dec-2012Mess fees for Jothilakshmi13215
2219-Dec-2012Mess fees for Naveen5854
234-Oct-2012Children Magazine for Govt School-Tirupur716
242-Jan-2013Mess fees for Naveen3208
252-Jan-2013Hostel fees for Vaishnavi13132
262-Feb-2013RO water plant for Panchayat Union Middle School Samichettipalayam, Coimbatore16000
2715-Feb-2013Library books for Govt Hr.Sec School, Renganathampettai, Karur Dt2500
284-Mar-2013Medical books for Naveen5550
2927-Feb-2013Mess fees for Naveen7562
3028-Feb-2013College fees for Ramesh Kannan10000
3128-Mar-2013Hostel fees for Manibala10000
3228-Mar-2013Fans(23) for NCLP School27600
3330-Mar-2013Suyam Trust School for orphans food expenses15000
3431-Mar-2013Tuition center teacher salary for Tiruvallur school20000
The details of the scholarships for the year 2011 is available here, for the year 2010 is available here for the year 2009 is available here for the year 2008 is available here and for the year 2007 is at here

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mess fees in December 2012

In December, Helping Minds trust has paid the mess fees for the below students: Kanraj (for 5 months) - Rs. 6000, Parthasarathy (for 5 months) - Rs. 6000

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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Useful article on Education loan

An useful and interesting article on Education loan. An interesting quote: "The banks cant deny the education loan even if the student has scored low marks. In an earlier court judgement, the court had cited that Ambedkar had got 287 out of 750, the erstwhile Baroda king had given him help to study further. "

Kalvi Kadan Pages


Friday, April 06, 2012

Realizing dreams one step at a time

Last couple of months had been good at Helping Minds. Our Kongu Engineering College student (doing BE Civil Engineering) has scored 8.59 in her 7th semester and she is looking ahead for a better future. She is one of our beneficiaries, and we are glad that she is one step closer to realizing her dreams.

Not to be outdone, the BE-CSE student of Anna University from Namakkal has scored 81% in his 7th semester.

We are very proud of both the students - their dedication and commitment to see their families uplifted economically is amazing. We are glad we had a small part to play in shaping their futures and are grateful to our patrons for that.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

NCLP Schools

Remember the MasterCard advert that adds a price to everything and in the end claims that happiness seen on loved one's face is priceless? At Helping Minds, we experienced it through Mr. Muppi when he distributed uniforms to the kids of two of the NCLP schools.

Back in June 2011, we decided to help the NCLP schools as much as we can. There are around 21 NCLP schools in Coimbatore district itself, and they all need support from the society in one way or other. They have not received uniforms from the government yet and had seeked help from Helping Minds. 2 weeks back, Muppi went to Coimbatore along with the NCLP Coordinator and Field Officer, purchased uniforms and chocolates and distributed them to the school kids.

While the visit and the deed of distributing the uniforms is insignificant in itself, but what we experienced there was more than encouraging. This is what Mr. Muppi has to say about the kids - "These kids were once toiling as labors in textile mills, workshops and what not. Today, there is an apparent enthusiasm for life in them. One can see hope for the future in their eyes when they come to school. Projects like NCLP are commendable efforts by the government to uplift the poor through education As a society, we need to support the government in projects like NCLP. We had planned to visit at least 3 schools today, but we could visit and distribute the uniforms to only 2. Had there been more volunteer support we would have been able to visit more schools and help the students in every small possible way that we can"

You can see some of the pictures taken at these schools here

If we were to borrow lines from MasterCard, we say this - "Uniforms to NCLP school students - Rs. 20,000. Opportunity to put a smile on their faces - Priceless"

Do you want to experience it first hand? Do let us know in comments, we are looking for volunteers to provide more support to NCLP schools.