Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New beginning. New Journey - Helping an engineering student!

We recently received a support request through one of our volunteer/member. The student had just finished school, and had received admissions into engineering college. The student's academic record looked impressive - 93% in SSLC (Grade 10 for those who are not familiar with Indian education system) and 88% in HSC (Grade 12).

An impeccable record on the books, but one has to see the conditions in which he achieved this. His parents are coolies who wouldn't possibly earn more than 2-3$ a day. He has 2 younger brothers and the family of five lives in a government provided shelter of just 250 sq ft. He had no financial support from his relatives.

If a student at a such young age can brave such adverse situations to score great marks deserves a lot of help from our society. Students like him are an asset to our nation, they should not be denied an opportunity to realize his potential and dreams. And that's exactly what we did. With our supporter's help, the student has been enrolled into the engineering college, his tuition fees are paid and hostel/mess fees have been taken care of.

It feels wonderful to help someone who deserves it. We thank our volunteers who introduced him to HelpingMinds, our validation committee members who did the background check of the student, and finally our supporters who patronized through their funding.

For this student, the journey has just started. And so does for HelpingMinds too. We'll support him until he graduates. We will need more funds to do that, and we seek your support. If you wish to support this student, do let us know. We will provide complete details of the student to you for you to understand the beneficiary better.

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