Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Support for Dhindivanam B.C.A. student

This student is doing his B.C.A. in Shri Aravindar arts and science college, Sedarapet, Near Pondichery. He was studying in CBSE syllabus till 10th standard. Unfortunately, his father encountered great loss in his business. The guy lost his mother due to a sudden heart attack. The family collapsed and the guy couldn't perform up to his mark in 12th class due to these grievances. They sold the house they owned to get his sisters married off. Now he is in desperate need of financial help to pursue his higher studies. He was offered a partial aid of Rs.5000 for his 1st sem and Rs.4500 for his 2nd sem & Rs.5000 for his 3rd sem from Disha. His Total Fee for 4th sem is Rs.9000. His father can manage for Rs.4000 by himself and he is seeking our help for paying the rest of his fee amount of Rs.5000. He is a well-studying student and he scored good marks in his previous semester examinations. We got this request from Disha Foundation. To support this deserving student, HM had paid Rs. 1000 towards his fees on 17 Jan 2011

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