Wednesday, October 19, 2011

At HM, machines keep humming in the background...

The HM machines never stop. It keeps humming in the background, ever so silently. Every one of our volunteers and executive members have a full time job, and have families to take care of. Yet, they amazingly find time to ensure that the activities at helpingminds never stop. Requests for education support keep flowing in, and everybody involved in processing requests, validation, members fund collection, expenses, finance, technology team everybody somehow finds time amidst their busy and demanding schedule to ensure that the fund reaches the right institution at the right time. A quick snapshot of the checks we released in the last 2 months is given below -

5/9/2011 Naveen 3201.00
7/9/2011 Kanraj.R 1300.00
17/9/2011 Mythili 960.00
7/10/11 Naveen 3357.00
13/10/11 Mythili 910.00
13/10/11 Kanraj.R 1019.00

A lot of hard work goes behind every check received by our beneficiaries to pay their tuition fee or their mess bill, and as an organization, we are very thankful to our volunteers and team members.

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