Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scholarships for the year - from April 2009

0106-Apr-09Hari Narayanan mess fees1020
0206-Apr-09Hari Krishnan mess fees1135
0320-Apr-09Monthly Mess Fees for Snkl Teacher training student654
0429-Apr-09Monthly Mess Fees for Snkl Teacher training student588
0516-May-09Mess fees for Srinivasalu1550
0621-May-09B.Ed student from Kundrathur10000
0726-May-09B.Ed student from Avadi10000
0808-Jun-09Continuing help for Vignesh10000
0908-Jun-09Thogur village diploma student10000
1003-Jul-09Rajkumar college fees7683
1114-Jul-09Saravanan college fees9160
1220-Jul-09Theni BE student college fees10000
1323-Jul-09Diploma student from Chatrapatti7905
1427-Jul-09GCT Engg student from Idayakottai7450
1510-Aug-09Salary for Nagapattinam tuition teachers and notebooks1700
1625-Aug-09Water tank for Mayanoor school10000
1704-Sep-09Drainage facility for Erasinampalayam Panchayat School9700
1816-Sep-09Salary for Nagapattinam tuition teachers for Sep and Oct2400
1922-Sep-09Children Magazines for Tirupur Govt school804
2022-Sep-09Mess fees for Tuticorin BE student1356
2122-Sep-09Mess fees for Arani diploma student770
2203-Nov-09Mess fees for Arani diploma student810
2310-Nov-09Mess fees for Tuticorin BE student1020
2410-Nov-09Salary for Nagapattinam tuition teachers1800
2524-Nov-09College fees for Avadi BEd student1600
2627-Nov-09College fees for Saravanan10855
2724-Nov-09Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student2339
2830-Nov-09Teacher salary for Akkur Govt school1500
2911-Dec-09College fees for Tharangambadi Diploma student5000
3011-Dec-09College fees for Kattucherry B.Ed student10000
3116-Dec-09Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student2347
3216-Dec-09College fees for Orathanadu BEd student10000
3331-Dec-09College fees for Rajkumar7660
3411-Jan-10Mess fees for Tuticorin BE student1050
358-Jan-10Mess fees for Arani diploma student720
3611-Jan-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student2396
3725-Feb-09Water tank for Avanippoor Govt school10000
3803-Mar-10Career information booklet5380
3922-Mar-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student2220
40Dec till MarTeacher salary for Govt school at Nagapattinam6000
4125 Jan 10Mess fees for Arani diploma student899
4222-Feb-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student2566
4301-Mar-10Mess fees for Arani diploma student812
4426-Mar-10Mess fees for Arani diploma student980
4522-Feb-10Mess fees for Tuticorin BE student1644
4623-Feb-10College fees for BA Tamil Literature student4149
475-Mar-10College fees for Nagapattinam BA Economics student4000
4818-Mar-10Mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student1534
4930-Mar-10Mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student1534
5028-Jan-10Uniform for Ayyalur GHSS10100

The details of the scholarships for the year 2008 is available here and for the year 2007 is at here

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