Monday, January 07, 2013

Scholarships for the year 2012

0116-Apr-2012Mess fees for Parthasarathy2000
0216-Apr-2012Mess fees for Kanraj2600
0327-Apr-2012Mess fees for Naveen6576
0413-Jun-2012College fees for Radhika20000
0521-Jun-2012Mess fees for Parthasarathy1985
0621-Jun-2012Mess fees for Kanraj1300
0729-Jun-2012Hostel fees for Vaishnavi13132
0829-Jun-2012Mess fees for Naveen5639
0927-Jul-2012Mess fees for Sindhu10000
1010-Aug-2012Mess fees for Naveen3238
1113-Aug-2012College fees for Prasanna10000
1224-Aug-2012Mess fees for Parthasarathy2688
1324-Aug-2012Mess fees for Kanraj2550
1413-Sep-2012Mess fees for Naveen6427
151-Nov-2012Mess fees for Naveen3124
161-Nov-2012Mess fees for Parthasarathy2780
171-Nov-2012Mess fees for Kanraj2434
1827-Nov-2012College fees for Kuppammal6000
1917-Dec-2012Mess fees for Parthasarathy6000
2017-Dec-2012Mess fees for Kanraj6000
2119-Dec-2012Mess fees for Jothilakshmi13215
2219-Dec-2012Mess fees for Naveen5854
234-Oct-2012Children Magazine for Govt School-Tirupur716
242-Jan-2013Mess fees for Naveen3208
252-Jan-2013Hostel fees for Vaishnavi13132
262-Feb-2013RO water plant for Panchayat Union Middle School Samichettipalayam, Coimbatore16000
2715-Feb-2013Library books for Govt Hr.Sec School, Renganathampettai, Karur Dt2500
284-Mar-2013Medical books for Naveen5550
2927-Feb-2013Mess fees for Naveen7562
3028-Feb-2013College fees for Ramesh Kannan10000
3128-Mar-2013Hostel fees for Manibala10000
3228-Mar-2013Fans(23) for NCLP School27600
3330-Mar-2013Suyam Trust School for orphans food expenses15000
3431-Mar-2013Tuition center teacher salary for Tiruvallur school20000
The details of the scholarships for the year 2011 is available here, for the year 2010 is available here for the year 2009 is available here for the year 2008 is available here and for the year 2007 is at here


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