Saturday, March 11, 2006

Guidelines for Helping Minds

1. We help only poor people who struggle for the survival

2. Any graduates in the family of the concerned person will reduce the chances of getting help from Helping Minds

3. The annual income of the Family should not exceed Rs.36000. Exceptions are allowed if there is sufficient explanation and on approval by all group members

4. Preference will be given to rural candidates

5. The validation committee can change all the rules and regulations at any time but only after getting the approval of all the group members

6. Helping Minds group is not responsible if the recommending member makes a commitment to the concerned person

7. Only after the final decision being approved by the group members, the amount of approval and other details will be conveyed to the recommending member

8. Validation committee has the full rights to analyze the applicant by interview or by any other means

9. Validation committee does not have any authority to inform the decision made to the concerned person without approval from group members

10. Submission of the relevant certificates and mark sheets will help in speedy processing of the requests

11. The validation and approval process will take a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 30 days

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Name change for the Group

We have got the name of the group changed from “Medavakkam Helping Minds Social Welfare Association” to a shorter name of “Helping Minds Association” after a very long struggle and follow-up. Since this is done, the next activities of getting the PAN number, filing income tax returns, getting 12 A registration and 80G registration will follow soon.