Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Subhashini is a very bright but economically challenged student from a village backdrop near Thiruthani. Her parents are working as daily laborers with meager & inconsistent income. Her elder brother Chiranjeevulu discontinued his studies after 12th owing to their poverty & is earning bread by means of distributing news papers. Now Subashini is in such a crunch situation & is in dire need of helping hands. She aspires to pursue teacher training & this yr she has got a call from Venkateshwara Teacher Training Institute [near Thiruthani]. She passed out 12th std in 2007 but couldn't join teacher training last yr due to her family's poverty as well as lack of awareness / guidance. We have decided to contribute Rs.10,000 from Helping Minds trust, Disha (who has done the validation and forwarded this request to us) has decided to contribute another Rs. 10000 towards Subashini's college fee.

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