Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mess fees for October 2008

HM has paid Rs. 1084 for Hari Narayanan and Rs. 1172 for Hari Krishnan on 14-Oct-08 for their September mess bills.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scholarships for the year - from April 2008

0104-Apr-08Monthly Fees for Srinivasulu (950), Hari Krishnan (838), Hari Narayanan (788), Mess Fees for Milkkal (1033)3609
0229-Apr-08Milkkal Exam fees 2000
0315-May-08Mess fees for for Milkkal(1250), Hari Krishnan(955) and Hari Narayanan(820) 3025
0406-June-08Exam fees for Hari Krishnan3513
0507-June-08Exam fees for Hari Narayanan3489
0610-June-08College fees for Ramya5000
0730-June-08Fees for Arun Prasad 6280
0830-June-08Rajkumar 8010
0901-July-08Mess fees and Exam fees for Thanasekaran8200
1004-July-08Arunkumar 8000
1107-July-08Mess fees for Srinivasulu 1560
1209-July-08Fees for Karthik7930
1309-July-08Fees for Vetrikumaran7420
1414-July-08Fees for Venkata Subramanian5000
1515-July-08Hari Narayanan 685
1615-July-08Hari Krishnan 710
1701-Aug-08Vijay 10000
1802-Aug-08Saravanan 10000
2019-Aug-08Hari Narayanan779
2119-Aug-08Hari Krishnan939
22Sep-08Subhashini 10000
2310-Sep-08Hari Narayanan984
2410-Sep-08Hari Krishnan1222
2614-Oct-08Hari Narayanan1084
2714-Oct-08Hari Krishnan1172
2928-Nov-08Hari Krishnan996
3028-Nov-08Hari Narayanan956
3120-Dec-08Madurai B.Ed student10000
3220-Dec-08Mayanoor uniform request10330
3323-Dec-08Hari Krishnan1260
3423-Dec-08Hari Narayanan1294
3509-Jan-09Hari Krishnan435
3609-Jan-09Hari Narayanan565
3911-Jan-09Saidapet BCA student10000
4117-Jan-09Nagapattinam tuition center salary for 3 months3000
4217-Jan-09Water tank for Parandur school15000
4321-Jan-09Library setup - Ramakrishna mutt publication books3260
4422-Jan-09Library setup - Kannadhasan pathippagam books1139
4522-Jan-09Library setup - Sura publications books3952
4626-Jan-09Library setup - Leo Book Distributors books1420
4728-Jan-09Library setup - New Horizon Media Private Limited books9721
4829-Jan-09Library setup - New century book house5679
499-Feb-09Library setup - New century book house books set 24428
5029-Jan-09Continuing help for Saravanan9160
5129-Jan-09Tambaram B.Ed student10000
5219-Feb-08Hari Narayanan943
5319-Feb-08Hari Krishnan1097
5527-Feb-09Drainage pipes for Komaramangalam Govt school9800
5616-Mar-09Mess fees for Snkl Teacher training student776
5716-Mar-09Nathakadu school infra repair3000
5824-Mar-08Hari Narayanan892
5924-Mar-08Hari Krishnan907
6031-Mar-09Library setup for Govt school14000

The details of the scholarships for the year 2007 is available here

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Mess fees for August and September 2008

HM has paid Rs. 779 for Hari Narayanan and Rs. 939 for Hari Krishnan on 19-Aug-08 for their July mess bills. HM has paid Rs. 1250 for Srinivasalu for his July mess bill on 14-Aug-08.

HM has paid Rs. 984 for Hari Narayanan and Rs. 1222 for Hari Krishnan on 10-Sep-08 for their August mess bills. HM has paid Rs. 1145 for Srinivasalu for his August mess bill on 23-Sep-08.

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