Thursday, February 17, 2011

Continuing help for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student

HM has paid Rs.1090 on 11 Jan 2011 for the mess fees of Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering student

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Continuing help for Dharmapuri MBBS student

HM has paid Rs. 2381 on Jan 20 2011 for the mess fees of Govt Mohan Kumaramangalam medical college student

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Continuing support for Arani Diploma Student

HM is continuing support to the Arani student doing Diploma in Computer Technology at Dr. Dharmambal College of Polytechnic, Taramani and paid Rs.1116 on 11 Jan 2011 for her mess fees.

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Support for Annai saraswathi college B.Ed student

This visually challenged students hails from a village in Aarani taluk. She joined in Annai Saraswathi college of education to pursue her B.Ed., degree. Her father is no more and her mother is earning from "work for 100 days scheme of govt of India". Alli is having a dream of becoming a good teacher and needs our financial support to pursue her degree.

We got this request from Disha foundation and Helping minds had paid Rs. 10000 towards her college fees

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Being aware, enabling and empowering

Please watch this inspiring video. Kiran says "Take one idea, anything that bothers you, one week, change a billion life." Even if you change only one village, or one school, or even one other life, it will still be simply great. We together are empowering a small group of students and hope the spark spreads far and wide.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Support for Kundrattur B.Ed. Student

This visually challenged student hailing from a remote village in Cuddalore district is economically poor. His father is no more and mother is getting daily wage by assisting mason in building constructions. He has managed to pay his fees in graduation through borrowed money from the local money lenders. Now he has secured Madha college of Education, Kundrattur for fulfilling his dream of become a teacher.

We got this request from Disha Foundation. Helping Minds had decided to help him seeing his willingness to learn and had paid Rs. 10000 on Jan 17 2011.

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Support for Dhindivanam B.C.A. student

This student is doing his B.C.A. in Shri Aravindar arts and science college, Sedarapet, Near Pondichery. He was studying in CBSE syllabus till 10th standard. Unfortunately, his father encountered great loss in his business. The guy lost his mother due to a sudden heart attack. The family collapsed and the guy couldn't perform up to his mark in 12th class due to these grievances. They sold the house they owned to get his sisters married off. Now he is in desperate need of financial help to pursue his higher studies. He was offered a partial aid of Rs.5000 for his 1st sem and Rs.4500 for his 2nd sem & Rs.5000 for his 3rd sem from Disha. His Total Fee for 4th sem is Rs.9000. His father can manage for Rs.4000 by himself and he is seeking our help for paying the rest of his fee amount of Rs.5000. He is a well-studying student and he scored good marks in his previous semester examinations. We got this request from Disha Foundation. To support this deserving student, HM had paid Rs. 1000 towards his fees on 17 Jan 2011

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Support for Madurai B.Ed Student

Madurai B.Ed Student is a visually challenged (VC) candidate. She hails from a humble family in Madurai and did her schooling in Indian Association for the Blind, Madurai and she has secured 71% in S.S.L.C, 58% in H.S.C and second class in B.A (Tamil). She has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. She is married and her husband is also VC and he is earning around Rs.1000/month. She is doing B.Ed in S.Vellaichmy Nadar College of Education, Madurai and her fees amount is Rs.60000, but the college management gave a concession for special ability students up to Rs.5000. So the actual amount is Rs. 55000, out of which she was able to paid Rs.30000. Now she is in need of balance amount Rs.25000. Their family members are not willing to help them. Her first brother is also VC. She is trying to get remaining amount from the bank by loan but there is no response from the bank. She is interested in her studies and her ambition is to become a teacher. Also she has completed stenography, typing and M.S.Office course during her school days.

We got this request from Disha Foundation. Helping Minds had decided to support this deserving student and had paid Rs. 10000 on Jan 17 2011.

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