Monday, May 17, 2010

Helping Minds receives Unsung Heroes award

Helping Minds was awarded as one of the "Unsung Heroes" on May 1st 2010 by PReSENSE (CorpeZine) in its golden jubilee issue celebrations. Please refer an article related to that in the link below. All credit goes to our members, we would like to thank you for your continuous support, without which this would not have happened. Thanks to all the active admin members who are putting extra efforts in screening the requests, meeting the beneficiaries, visiting the schools etc.
Sify article
You can find the photos taken during function (Photos from 168 to 180 are HM Team) here.
Above is the photo of Helping Minds team receiving the award.

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Scholarships for the year - from April 2010

0123-Apr-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student2745
0217-Apr-10Mess fees for Arani diploma student1054
0328-Apr-10Mess fees for Tuticorin BE student1707
0417-Apr-10Mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student1846
054-May-10Uniforms for Puthuppai Panchayat union middle school12800
064-May-10College fees for Kongu Engineering Student 10000
079-Jun-10College fees for Chatrapati Diploma student7215
089-Jun-10School fees for Pudukkottai student3700
0913-May-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS Student2298
1017-Jun-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS Student2635
1111-Jun-10College fees for Poonga Bcom Final Year student8000
1213-May-10Mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student1476
139-Jun-10Mess fees for Arani Diploma student871
1418-Jul-10Thogur diploma student college fees7000
1522-Jun-10Rajkumar College fees8010
168-Jul-10College fees for Saravanan10855
1727-Jul-10College fees for Kalugumalai student6345
1811-Jul-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS Student2584
1911-Jul-10Mess fees for Tuticorin BE student4027
209-Aug-10mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student1066
2116-Jul-10Mess fees for Arani diploma student1000
2219-Aug-10Mess fees for Arani diploma student1064
2330-Jun-10Nagapattinam teacher salary2000
2419-Aug-10College fees for Theni BE student3000
2513-Sep-10College fees for Tiruchengode B.Tech Student10000
2613-Sep-10Mess fees for Arani Diploma student930
2713-Sep-10Mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical engineering student1046
2804-Oct-10College fees for MGR Nagar BE student11500
2908-Oct-10Mess fees for Arani Diploma student930
3008-Oct-10Mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical engineering student1070
3120-Oct-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student6611
3220-Oct-10Mess fees for Tuticorin BE student2017
3319-Oct-10Children Magazines for Govt school near Tirupur893
3431-Oct-10Teacher salary for Nagapattinam Govt school2000
3503-Nov-10Mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student1080
3611-Nov-10Support for learning center in Thiruninravur 6000
376-Dec-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS Student2540
386-Dec-10College fees for Anna University student7660
396-Dec-10Support for learning center in Thiruninravur 24000
4017-Dec-10Mess fees for Arani Diploma student 750
4120-Dec-10Uniforms,Bags and Slippers for students of government primary school, Genguarpatti, Theni 20000
4231-Dec-10College fess for Trichy Anna University BE Student 10855
4317-Jan-11College fees for Madurai B.Ed Student 10000
4417-Jan-11College fees for Dhindivanam B.C.A. student 1000
4517-Jan-11Collegefees for Kundrattur B.Ed. Student 10000
4617-Jan-11College fees for Annai saraswathi college B.Ed student 10000
4711-Jan-11Mess fees for Arani Diploma Student 1116
4820-Jan-11Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS sudent 2381
4911-Jan-11Mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student 1090
5011-Mar-11Mess fees for Arani Diploma Student 980
5125-Mar-11Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS Student 2092
527-Mar-11Mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student 1060
The details of the scholarships for the year 2009 is available here, for the year 2008 is available here and for the year 2007 is at here

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Support for Kongu Engineering Student

This student had scored 87% in higher secondary. She is from a very poor background. She did not go to college after the schooling. She got married and is taking care of her daughter. After the marriage, her husband decided to support her to continue her higher studies. Some persons guided them to do civil engg in Kongu Engineering College through counselling. Total expenditure per year is Rs. 58,000 including exam fee, library fee, tuition fee, bus fare etc. She got education loan from the bank for Rs. 51,000. They are not able to pay the interest amount. Considering the economic background of the student , Helping minds have decided to support the Kongu Engineering student and paid Rs. 10000 on 4th May 2010 towards her studies.

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Uniforms for Puthuppai Panchayat union middle school

We got request for help for providing the uniform for the students of Panchayath union middle school, Puthuppai, Mulanur, Tirupur district which has 80 students. Cost of dress materials for one shirt and trouser (one shirt and skirt) per student is Rs. 160. Government provides uniforms to the students. This will last for 3 to 5 months. We have provided one set in addition to that, so that students can get one more dress to wear. HM trust has paid Rs. 12800 on 4 May 2010 towards this request.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Support for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student

The student is doing Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering in Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CECRI) in Karaikudi. Her parents are working as labours in a Farm. They are staying in a thatched house. This Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student has got a bank loan for her college fees. They are paying interest to Bank every month. The bank did not sanction money for hostel fees and mess fees. She requested our help to pay mess fees. The student has got good score and is now studying in a reputed institution. So Helping Minds had decided to support her. HM has paid Rs. 1534 on 18 Mar 2010 and Rs 1534 on 30 Mar 2010 for her mess fees. HM has also paid Rs 1846 for her mess fees for the month of April on 17 Apr 2010.

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Help for Nagapattinam BA Economics student

This I year BA Economics student is the daughter of a family belonging to the Kattunayakkan (ST) community at Nagapattinam. She is perhaps the only candidate attending the college from her area. She has four sisters - one elder sister married and three younger sisters studying in schools. The total fee amount is Rs 6000 and they had already paid Rs 2000. They requested help for Rs 4000. Since she is still awaiting ST community certificate from the RDO, she could not get any scholarship. Considering the economic background of the student, Helping Minds have decided to help her and paid Rs.4000 on 5 Mar 2010 for her college fees

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Support for BA Tamil Literature student

This visually challenged (VC) person is from a remote village. He is doing his final year tamil literature at Loyala college. This BA Tamil Literature student had scored good marks in his schooling. He has got help from Disha Trust for the last year, but could not get this year as Disha seems to have exhausted their allocation for this year for VC students. He is planning to do B.Ed after the completion of B.A. as he can get a Government job once he completes B.Ed. Helping Minds have decided to help him and has paid 4149 on 23 Feb 2010 for his college fees.

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Continuing help for Tuticorin BE student

Tuticorin student who is doing B.E. at Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology requested help for his mess fees. We have helped him for his mess fees in earlier months also. Now HM had paid Rs 1644 on 22 Feb 2010 and Rs.1707 on 28 Apr 2010.

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Continuing Help for Arani diploma student

HM has paid Rs.812 for the mess fees on 1 Mar 2010 and Rs 980 on 26 Mar 2010 and Rs.1054 on 17 Apr 2010 for the Arani Diploma student who is doing Computer Technology at Dr. Dharmambal College of Polytechnic.

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Continuing help for Dharmapuri MBBS Student

HM has paid Rs.2165 towards the mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student on 22nd Mar 2010 and Rs. 2745 on 23rd Apr 2010.

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