Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update on Nagapattinam tuition class

Here is an update on the Nagapattinam tuition classes. The Head-Master who volunteered to teach, is not able to come regularly. He comes occasionally. This year, around 20 students are attending the tuition classes. It is finding it difficult to teach all the classes for a single teacher.

We have sought the help of one lady teacher working in a nearby English medium school. Mr. Ravichandran and this lady teacher are taking classes for 2 hrs each. One person covers classes up to sixth and another covers 6th to 10th std. We have paid Rs. 1200 (Rs. 600 each) towards the salary for these teachers.

The teachers are conducting tests every week, so that the students study regularly. The students requested for notebooks for these tests. The teacher has also asked for hand-writing notebooks for the students so that the students can practice writing better. There is a girl studying 11th standard, she is in need of accountancy notebook. We have provided notebooks worth Rs. 500 for the students.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

GCT Engg student from Idayakottai

We got a request for help from a student from Idayakottai village, Dindugul Dt. He has secured 1136/1200 in 12th standard and got admission in ECE, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore. His father is affected by paralysis three years back and is not able to do any job. His mother has enrolled in the 100 days employment scheme (Central Government's National Rural Employment Guarantee (NREGS)) and also does tailoring. His school teachers has donated some amount for his application and transport charges. Our member Balamanikandan interacted with the student and verified his details with the help of his contacts. HM trust has given Rs. 7450 towards his hostel fees on 27th July '09.

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Diploma student from Chatrapatti

We got a request for help from a girl student from Chatrapatti village, near Rajapalayam. She has secured 418/500 in 10th std and 992/1200 in 12th standard and got admission in Textile Technology at P.A.C.Ramasamy Raja Polytechnic college, Rajapalayam. She is the first person in her family aspiring to continue education after the schooling. Her father had expired, her mother is working on daily wages. HM trust has given Rs. 7905 towards her college fees on 23rd July '09.

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