Friday, October 27, 2006

Continued Support for Marimuthu

Last year HM had helped Marimuthu for his third year fees for B.Pharm in Vel's College of Pharmacy, Pallavaram. He has requested for his college fees for this year (final year) also. The total fees amount is Rs. 7150. He has scored 78% in the third year. Third year results will be announced in another 1 month. He is expecting around 80% in the third year and promised to increase his score in the current year.

He is still continuing to work in the medical shop from 5 pm to 10 pm in the night. He gets Rs. 700 as salary. We have asked him to apply for Omkar trust (which had given Rs. 3000 to him last year) this year as well so that he can manage his accomodation/food expenses. His younger brother is working as tailor at his hometown (near Sankarankovil). Marimuthu had got Rs. 28000 from the bank as a loan for paying his initial fees. The monthly interest for the same is around Rs. 500, which his brother is paying.

HM has decided to help Marimuthu for this year as well. We have taken a DD for Rs. 7150 in the name of the college today and will be handing it over to Marimuthu this weekend.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Helping Minds registered as Trust

Helping Minds crossed a major milestone this week when we completed formalities for registering the group as a Trust. We received the documents from the registration office yesterday. I hope you are aware that until now, Helping Minds has been registered as a Social Welfare Association.

As we grow at good pace, thanks to the many like minded people around, we wanted to streamline our processes, have clearer vision and be a position to provide tax benefits to our members. So, after taking suggestions from other NGOs, we concluded that registering ourselves as a trust would be a better option.

Now that we are a trust with identified trustees, we will be able to function better and also work towards getting 12A (tax benefits for the trust) and 80G registration (tax benefits for the members) done for HM.

I sincerely thank all, especially Muppitathi and Sankar, for putting up special efforts in coordinating with the auditor in making this happen.