Sunday, February 12, 2012

NCLP Schools

Remember the MasterCard advert that adds a price to everything and in the end claims that happiness seen on loved one's face is priceless? At Helping Minds, we experienced it through Mr. Muppi when he distributed uniforms to the kids of two of the NCLP schools.

Back in June 2011, we decided to help the NCLP schools as much as we can. There are around 21 NCLP schools in Coimbatore district itself, and they all need support from the society in one way or other. They have not received uniforms from the government yet and had seeked help from Helping Minds. 2 weeks back, Muppi went to Coimbatore along with the NCLP Coordinator and Field Officer, purchased uniforms and chocolates and distributed them to the school kids.

While the visit and the deed of distributing the uniforms is insignificant in itself, but what we experienced there was more than encouraging. This is what Mr. Muppi has to say about the kids - "These kids were once toiling as labors in textile mills, workshops and what not. Today, there is an apparent enthusiasm for life in them. One can see hope for the future in their eyes when they come to school. Projects like NCLP are commendable efforts by the government to uplift the poor through education As a society, we need to support the government in projects like NCLP. We had planned to visit at least 3 schools today, but we could visit and distribute the uniforms to only 2. Had there been more volunteer support we would have been able to visit more schools and help the students in every small possible way that we can"

You can see some of the pictures taken at these schools here

If we were to borrow lines from MasterCard, we say this - "Uniforms to NCLP school students - Rs. 20,000. Opportunity to put a smile on their faces - Priceless"

Do you want to experience it first hand? Do let us know in comments, we are looking for volunteers to provide more support to NCLP schools.