Saturday, May 30, 2009

BEd student from Avadi

HM got a request from another visually challenged student from Avaid. She is doing BEd at Gonsalo college of education. is single-parented - taken care by her mother, who is working for daily wages. Her elder brother is a lorry driver and is married. He can suppport for her little finanacial needs but not able to fund for her education. She may get suspended from specific training programe/regular college owing to the delay in fee payment. She has been trying for education loan at Bank and to get aid from other sources. She has scored 80% in her 10th and 70% in +2. HM has given Rs. 10000 towards her fees on 26th May '09.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

BEd student from Kundrathur

HM had got a request for help from a visually challenged student doing BEd from Kundrathur, Chennai. She is doing BEd at Gonsola college of education.She finished her B.A(Tamil) with second class. Her mother is no more and her father is aged. Her husband is mentally retarded and a drunkerd, not bothering about the family. Her only daughter is 4 years old, and she has not yet joined her school due to financial problems. She doesn't have any sources of income. She manages to run the family with the commodities supplied in the meetings conducted for visually challenged people and with the money of Rs.400 given by government for physically challenged. HM has given Rs. 10000 towards her fees on 21st May '09.
HM has also paid Rs. 1550 towards the mess bill for Srinivasalu on 16th May '09.

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Water tank and toilet repair for Nathakadu Govt school

We had got a request for help for a government school from a rural village through Senthil of Payir trust. The school is in need of repair for water tank and toilet. The school name is Adi Dravidar Welfare Elementary School. There are about 105 students studying in this school. Nathakadu is a small village at Kunnam taluk, Perambalur District.

Senthil had approached the government and they are taking up Rs. 20k out of the total budget of Rs. 32k and are in need of the remaining amount.

HM has contributed Rs. 3000 towards this request on 16th Mar '09 and the remaining amount was provided by few other NGOs. Senthil had co-ordinated the work completely.

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Scholarships for the year - from April 2009

0106-Apr-09Hari Narayanan mess fees1020
0206-Apr-09Hari Krishnan mess fees1135
0320-Apr-09Monthly Mess Fees for Snkl Teacher training student654
0429-Apr-09Monthly Mess Fees for Snkl Teacher training student588
0516-May-09Mess fees for Srinivasalu1550
0621-May-09B.Ed student from Kundrathur10000
0726-May-09B.Ed student from Avadi10000
0808-Jun-09Continuing help for Vignesh10000
0908-Jun-09Thogur village diploma student10000
1003-Jul-09Rajkumar college fees7683
1114-Jul-09Saravanan college fees9160
1220-Jul-09Theni BE student college fees10000
1323-Jul-09Diploma student from Chatrapatti7905
1427-Jul-09GCT Engg student from Idayakottai7450
1510-Aug-09Salary for Nagapattinam tuition teachers and notebooks1700
1625-Aug-09Water tank for Mayanoor school10000
1704-Sep-09Drainage facility for Erasinampalayam Panchayat School9700
1816-Sep-09Salary for Nagapattinam tuition teachers for Sep and Oct2400
1922-Sep-09Children Magazines for Tirupur Govt school804
2022-Sep-09Mess fees for Tuticorin BE student1356
2122-Sep-09Mess fees for Arani diploma student770
2203-Nov-09Mess fees for Arani diploma student810
2310-Nov-09Mess fees for Tuticorin BE student1020
2410-Nov-09Salary for Nagapattinam tuition teachers1800
2524-Nov-09College fees for Avadi BEd student1600
2627-Nov-09College fees for Saravanan10855
2724-Nov-09Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student2339
2830-Nov-09Teacher salary for Akkur Govt school1500
2911-Dec-09College fees for Tharangambadi Diploma student5000
3011-Dec-09College fees for Kattucherry B.Ed student10000
3116-Dec-09Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student2347
3216-Dec-09College fees for Orathanadu BEd student10000
3331-Dec-09College fees for Rajkumar7660
3411-Jan-10Mess fees for Tuticorin BE student1050
358-Jan-10Mess fees for Arani diploma student720
3611-Jan-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student2396
3725-Feb-09Water tank for Avanippoor Govt school10000
3803-Mar-10Career information booklet5380
3922-Mar-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student2220
40Dec till MarTeacher salary for Govt school at Nagapattinam6000
4125 Jan 10Mess fees for Arani diploma student899
4222-Feb-10Mess fees for Dharmapuri MBBS student2566
4301-Mar-10Mess fees for Arani diploma student812
4426-Mar-10Mess fees for Arani diploma student980
4522-Feb-10Mess fees for Tuticorin BE student1644
4623-Feb-10College fees for BA Tamil Literature student4149
475-Mar-10College fees for Nagapattinam BA Economics student4000
4818-Mar-10Mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student1534
4930-Mar-10Mess fees for Karaikudi Chemical Engineering student1534
5028-Jan-10Uniform for Ayyalur GHSS10100

The details of the scholarships for the year 2008 is available here and for the year 2007 is at here

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HM Request for a Snkl Teacher training student

A boy, who is a physically challenged person from Subbulapuram, near Sankarankovil is doing first year teacher training at Government Teacher training institute at Vanaramutty near Tirunelveli. His father is a handloom weaver; his sister is also physically challenged. He has somehow managed to pay the college fees and requested for help for mess fees from HM. HM has paid the mess fees for the past 3 months - Rs. 776 on 16th March, Rs. 654 on 20th April and Rs. 588 on 6th May.

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